7.4 million children in Southeast Asia were living in inadequate housing or on the streets


  1. Homelessness prevention: This cause focuses on providing resources and support to families and individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless, with the goal of preventing homelessness before it occurs.

  2. Hunger relief: Many homeless children go without regular meals or access to healthy food. This cause could focus on providing nutritious meals to children who are experiencing homelessness.

  3. Shelter and housing: A website that helps homeless kids might prioritize finding safe and stable housing options for children and families who are currently experiencing homelessness.

  4. Education and job training: Education and job training programs can help homeless children and youth build the skills they need to succeed in school and in their future careers.

  5. Health and wellness: Homelessness can take a toll on a child’s physical and mental health. A website focused on this cause might offer health and wellness resources and services to support homeless kids.

  6. Community building: Building strong and supportive communities can help provide a sense of belonging and connection for homeless kids. A website focused on this cause might prioritize creating opportunities for homeless children to engage with their peers and build relationships with caring adults.